Portia Alya is a freelance writer and Life Coach (on Hiatus), who has created a persona of anonymity for her clients. Her unique methods allowed her clientele to keep their identities confidential, permitting a completely safe platform to discuss discreet matters openly and honestly. She worked for eighteen years building her clientele by the six degrees of separation with referrals. Her holistic approach tapped into the creative side of the individual while her demands for self discipline and internal honesty left her clients with positive changes and what she refers to as “permanent lifestyle upleveling”. Her latest project “13cLub8” is the motivating factor for her to join the #giveloveback business page. A writing project paired with a podcast that addresses notions of every kind. Have a secret to get off your chest? An irritation to express? A secret crush to declare your love to? Maybe an apology or regret you need to voice… She welcomes all of it as well as general life questions to be featured in the book and/or the podcast.

Portia has been collecting submissions from all over the globe since November 2019, and will continue to accept your letters thru January 2021. If you have a thought you’d like to share, a question you need to ask, comment you’d like to extend, etc. you can email her @ 13club8@gmail.com

Be sure to note if you want to be included in the writing project or podcast and sign it as you want it noted. I.e. ‘Mike’, ‘the flowerstone’, ‘anonymous’, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’. Photos are welcome to accompany your letters.