The Love Alkemist

Hey! I'm Kendellove Walker

Kendellove Walker is a Holistic Therapist & Alternative Medicine Advisor and an Oracle Intuitive since 2003. She has given relationship guidance and sex coaching to couples since 2008 and specializes in healing the physical, energetic and emotional bodies simultaneously.  She is currently in school to obtain her Ph.D. in Sexology and will pursue research on human sexuality, offer sex and relationship therapies and teach sexual education and communication.   

Nick-named Dr. Love by her clientele, she has embraced the responsibility of offering a judgment-free space for over 15 years to speak freely on such topics as kinks, fetishes, passion, desires, fantasies, emotional bonding, love connection and sex ed 101 questions you want to discuss.

In 2015 she obtained her YTT certification.  The guided meditation circles are held in conjunction with the Lunar Energy Cycles and are part of the healing process that is overlooked during transformation, death and rebirth.  Kendellove love offers one on one guided meditations for those integrating their body work with energetic and emotional modalities as well as for anyone who simply needs a guide to realize their intentions, higher awareness, insight and personal & professional goals. 

Her studies and research put heavy focus on bringing couples to deeper connections and more intimate bonds as well as opening up avenues for individuals and couples who are ready to break out of their shells and delve into their sexually charged hidden alter ego.  These practices include, but are not limited to, empowering individuals in their sexuality and finding comfortable communication avenues to share creative ideas with their partners.

Additionally, Dr. Love is an Ordained Priestess and Reiki Master who performs HandFasting and Commitment Ceremonies, officiates weddings and vow renewals and holds sacred love circles for polyamorous couples.

Her referral program as well as her motto is:  #giveloveback

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