What is intimacy, sex & relationship coaching?

Intimacy, sex & relationship coaching is a form of therapy that helps individuals and couples improve their sexual and emotional intimacy and communication. It can involve working on issues such as low desire, mismatched libidos, difficulties with arousal or orgasm, communication about sexual preferences and boundaries, and healing from past traumas or negative experiences.

The goal of sexual relationship coaching is to help you feel more confident, satisfied, and connected in your sexual and romantic relationships.

Sexual relationship coaches use a variety of techniques, including education about anatomy and sexuality, communication skills training, and mindfulness practices to help clients improve their sexual and romantic relationships.

Can I book a session?


Empower yourself by understanding your sexual and sensual vibrations. Create a space of strength and acceptance with who you are sexually and what fires your desire. Find deeper connections and more sensual bonds with your lover by learning their love language while you express yours. Translate your needs for one another and find the ecstasy that rules your kundalini.

Intake & 2 Follow-Ups – $500
3 Month Program – $2400
6 Month Program – $4000

Intake & 2 Follow-Ups  – $1000
3 Month Program – $3000
6 Month Program – $4600



“My time with Kendellove on her massage table is truly an experience of release. It’s not just a release of the tense muscles that ache my body, but also that of emotional expression. Her therapeutic expertise allows me to heal, from the inside out. I feel connected with Mother Earth after a session with Kendellove and freed from my daily exhaustion. Once I felt her calming hands on my body, I knew I would never see another masseuse!


San Diego, CA

I was fortunate to have Kendellove as my healer during one of the most difficult times in my life. I had sessions with her at least once a week for over a year, as she helped me through physical and emotional issues. Not only did she diligently work out the tension in my neck and the knots in my back, but provided intuitive readings with uncanny accuracy. She never simply provided a massage, but always complimented the session with emotional and spiritual support. I have benefited greatly from all of the natural modalities that she provides, including cupping, scrubbing, ear candling, and reiki. I would recommend her services to anyone who truly desires holistic healing. An overall amazing massage and healing that always leaves me with insight, detoxification, and stress relief.


Ocean Beach, CA

I’ve had two full sessions with Kendellove, which consisted of full body massage, Reiki healing, and psychic work involving Oracle cards. She is amazing… Her energy and aura alone put me at complete ease immediately upon meeting her. She is knowledgeable, in-tune, and has provided valuable insight into my past, present, and future. I will definitely continue to return to her for her services as long as she is available to me!


San Diego, CA