AME-Alternative Medicine Education – Supplements, Food and Yoga is Medicine

A casual class designed to go over the importance of vitamin and mineral nutrition, the medicinal properties of food and how proper diet can heal the body.  We look at how food and supplements, when coupled with yoga and meditation practices, alleviate stress and strengthen the immune system. We will look at the brain-gut connection and how diet influences depression and suppresses serotonin.  This class also touches on the addiction factors of sugar, how processed foods cause full body inflammation and the relationship between osteoporosis and the intake of milk and carbonated beverages. There will be a questionnaire to assess your daily diet and stress levels and you will be invited to book a consultation to go over the results.

This class is donation based only


Touch 101: The Touch Connection- Basic massage techniques

A 4-hour course for couples and singles alike on how to communicate with your partner using proper verbal communication as well as touch.  The Touch 101 section will go over the importance of touch and it’s healing powers as well as demonstrate simple techniques to use on your partner.  The Touch Connection portion of the workshop highlights communication styles and how to productively communication needs in and out of the bedroom. 

This class is donation based only.


The 7 Main Chakras & the Kundalini

This class is an introduction to your 7 Main Chakras and the Kundalini; how each effects us physically as well as emotionally, how to close and protect these energy fields and what crystals and stones are in rhythm with each vibration to strengthen and open the fields to gain harmony and balance. 

This class is donation based only. This class is recommended to be taken in conjunction with your first Chakra Clearing session.


Microdosing Psilocybin

Alternative Medicine and Regimen for Anxiety and Depression, Creativity & Interpersonal Connections

Microdosing is the act of consuming sub-perceptual – unnoticeable – amounts of a psychedelic substance. Many individuals who have integrated microdosing psilocybin mushrooms into their weekly routine report higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills.  Some enthusiasts also report that microdosing psilocybin helps to heighten spiritual awareness and enhance their senses (the 3rd Wave).

Extensive research has shown that psilocybin has helped minimize, heal and/or alleviate dis-ease and ailments such as cluster headaches, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

This workshop is an education based, question and answer seminar that focuses on the benefits of microdosing for anxiety and depression and allows a ‘no-judgment’ platform for guests to share experiences and receive support.

Seating is limited and reservations are necessary.


Meditation and Breath Work

Guided mediations that target specific blockages that need to be released, opened, shifted or rewired.  This combination workshop-class goes over the importance of breath and the medicinal benefits of meditation.  Each scheduled class focuses on a different chakra and outlines specific facets to either release from or draw into your space.

Depending on what you have going on in your life will direct you to which workshops to attend. 

This class is donation base only.


Lunar Ceremonies

Manifesting and Releasing ceremonies have been practiced for centuries; using the power and energies of the Lunar Phases to draw in and let go.  These ceremonies vary on frequency and can include Goddess Induction Dinners.

Join us for the Goal Board Manifesting and the Full Moon Burns.

These are booked with reservations. 



An exclusive and ideal support circle for couples who are microdosing together to work on their relationship as partners as well as individuals. This event creates a unique space to come together and share experiences. Each event will have a theme that includes exercises and ideas that you can take home to build on your relationship with. This event is open to every relationship dynamic however is reserved for those within some form of partnership. If you are of single status, please join us at any of our other events that are all inclusive.

This event is donation based only.