“Kendellove is pure magic. I’ve been lucky enough to receive her support through some major life changes and her direct and thoughtful care has always been exactly what I needed. Led by intuition and backed by education, Kendellove is a gifted oracle and integration coach. I can’t recommend her highly enough, she is absolutely somethin special.”

Hunter & Marissa
Summer, Fairview NC

“Through working with Love, I was able to process the dissolution of what was easily my closest relationship for 20+ years in a positive, non-destructive, self-affirming way. Her approach is profoundly humanistic and at the same time entirely bespoke.”

Frederick, MD

“Kendellove is an amazing life coach. She has supported me through a tumultuous marriage and a long drawn-out divorce. Kendellovel has helped me navigate the complexity of sex, new relationships, and alcohol addiction. Her intuitive approach has helped me integrate the confusion that all these life events have created and she creates a non-judgmental space to share all of my desires and disappointments.

Kendellove’s oracle reading provides me with a road map of what energies are to come. Some sessions she provides a 6-month view into the future or during rough patches, we focus on the days/weeks. This provides me with hope and trust in the future. Her guidance prepares me for potential peaks and valleys to come. Often her advice is poetic and can be used as a mantra or meditation for each time period.

Kendellove’s unique talk therapy has the ability to shift my energy and perspective. Not only do I trust her with all the details of my life, she has worked with my teen children through their life challenges as well. When my kids have big decisions to make or events to comprehend, Kendellove has provided support to help them through. After a session w her, my kids are more grounded, confident, and at peace.

I can’t thank Kendellove enough for all she has done for me and my family.”

Bridget H.
San Diego, CA

“I have been working with Love for over five years now, and there is nobody that I would trust more with my readings! She has guided me through so many stages in my life, both in my business and personally. She has helped me to heal and move forward from my past trauma in ways that traditional therapies could not.
Whenever I am feeling a little lost in life or just in need of a little self care, Kendellove is the first call I make!”

Vancouver, WA

“Words cannot express how grateful we are to have KendelLove as our couples integration coach. Her weekly checking, guidance, activities, journaling and insight while micro dosing really helped take our relationship to the next level renewing our relationship with each other and with ourselves. It helped us learn to look into, listen to & really hear each other. It was apparent that we were still in sync. The skills and aha moments we had still transfer into our daily lives. We have learned to step back, listen to each other and to the way certain situations feel, and process those feelings accordingly. We now can hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions. We highly recommend KLoves personalized coaching program if you are ready to do the work and be held accountable.”

The Hawkins
Escondido, CA

“I have so much gratitude for Kendellove and her readings! I’ve been seeing her for over four years now and she has always been an incredibly helpful guide and confidant. My readings with Kendellove have allowed me to dig deeper into so many different areas of my life – spiritually, career, relationships, you name it. I’ve sent many friends her way, and can only speak highly of Kendellove!”

New York, NY

“Kendellove Walker was my integration coach for two rounds of microdosing that were a year and a half apart. Both experiences created some deep shifts in my life. My goals and intentions were supported by her in each session and then expanded in the activities she customized for me to do between our appointments. She continues her education and keeps up with the rapidly changing legislation and research on psilocybin for the therapeutic benefits. She was non-judgemental and kind but also able to help me look at difficult situations with new eyes. If you are looking to try supplementing your life with the benefits of microdosing I highly recommend you optimize your experience with Kendellove as your integration coach.”

Escondido, CA