Welome to

The San Diego Psilocybin Society

A Community offering resources for safe and effective psychedelic use.

As alternative medicine makes its rise, it will quickly become predominant for those who are ailed with everything from headaches to cancer.  The lack of education that has been the construct of the medical glass ceiling for so long has finally been shattered.

The stigma that has prefaced plant based medicine is slowly lifting and awareness is growing. 



The San Diego Psilocybin Society is a community and a family of like-minded members that believe alternative and psychedelic medicine have a place in healing and creating quality of life for those who seek it out.

Integrating psychedelics is a powerful and productive tool for healing our past, evolving our mental well-being and creative flow and bringing about new perspectives for the future.
Our motto: “It is never just one thing that ails us, it is never just one thing that heals us” is the foundation of how our healers, light workers and oracles approach guiding and supporting members and the community alike.

We believe it is necessary to practice a pro-active lifestyle to achieve the physical, energetic, emotional and mental objectives that we personally need to live an abundant life. Reinforcing healthy lifestyle changes and creating daily ritualistic practices invite essential revolutions that inevitably return us to the quality of life we crave.

Our team of Healers, Oracles and Light Workers offer a range of services to personally assist you with designing the rituals you need to obtain the life you want.
Included but not limited to: Guided Meditation, Integration Coaching, Guided Sacred Journeys, Nutrition and Alternative Medicine Advisement, Reiki Chakra Reading, and Space Clearing.

Our primary goal is to cultivate avenues for physical, mental and emotional well being so that everyone has access to the tools they need to create a balanced lifestyle of Health, Bliss, Breath, Peace, Love and Peace of Mind.


We offer workshops, seminars, trainings and events for members who are committed to their health and growth as well as one on one intake sessions to answer questions and address concerns you have.


We come together three times a year for face-to-face meet and greet mixers and hold support circles to share experiences and wisdom every other New Moon.  Zoom events are scheduled every other month for those who prefer to join remotely. 


While we put great emphasis on Psilocybin, we welcome all healing psychedelic modalities that our members prefer.

Ongoing support is key and we encourage and offer monthly to weekly integration coaching sessions.