San Diego, CA  

David’s Roasting is a hidden gem in the San Diego coffee scene. What started as a hobby grew
into a slightly larger hobby and then to a micro, micro roasting company. We began with a
proprietary three-bean blend, roasted as Lighter and Darker, also combining them together in
our Half & Half. Not medium, but half Lighter, half Darker, creating its own unique flavor
profile. Then we expanded into espressos and single origin coffees. What separates David’s
from the rest of the crowd is not only our small batch, fluid bed roasting system, but also our
“roast-to-order” approach. Coffee has a short life span – three to four weeks – under ideal
conditions, and we don’t roast until you order, which insures that you’re getting the freshest
coffee available. We are small by design, and it shows in not only the flavours of our coffees,
but in the extremely high level of customer service we can provide. If you love really good
coffee, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
(619) 804-1083