San Diego, CA   

Hana Pepin has been hosting mala making workshops in San Diego for the past four years and started her business, Enchanted Strands 5 years ago creating custom Malas for you natal blueprint chart. She intends to share the art of beading and the ancient wisdom of mantra (chanting) to harmonize mind, body and spirit. To her the process of Mala Making is unique, meditative and inspiring, no piece is ever the same and each necklace carries a certain vibrations and intention. The stones bring forth the power within an individual to align oneself with their purpose and meaning. 

Hana Pepin lives her dharma and truth each day by the teachings of compassion and love. She has over 5,000 hours of trainings and facilitates yoga classes both on land and in the water. 

Hana‘s yoga is a unique and dynamic blend of creativity, strength, flexibility and relaxation. Her flows embody curiosity, playfulness, stillness and self observation to introduce mindfulness into daily life.

She believes that Yoga, like a garden, requires weeding out anything which serve us no longer. The practice involves our attention while nurturing ourselves the way one would tend to a garden. Each being like a sacred recipe, needs certain amounts of all the elements, earth, air, sun (fire) and water, to flourish and blossom. Together we will grow in the garden of eternal Love.

She believes yoga is a practice to expand the level of body awareness, mindfulness, and consciousness. She inspires to create positive change and independently thinking humans who trust within themselves to learn the language of their uniqueness and live it. She invites students to practice listening to their bodies while collectively holding a safe space to explore their creativity.

Her teachings are heartened to counsel seekers on their spiritual journey by learning and understanding the nature of the mind. Her core teachings come from a buddhist tradition with influences from Celtic, Nordic, Native America, and Andean connections.

Her classes are informative with series and sequences themed around the Vedic Chakra System, theories and concepts on physiology, biodynamics, psychosomatics, and neuroscience, while exploring deeper into the bodymind connection and psyche.

“We are blessed to have this experience of life and in this life we have the ability to transform all our old habits, our beliefs and ancestral DNA from a world of suffering to a world of love. It starts with loving our self.” 

To All My Relations,

Aho Namaste Amen OM

Hana Pepin

(619 )884-9379

”Each bead is a seed of love to the flower of infinite wisdom and oneness that lies within us. The string is the universal self, existing in everything! The beads are you and I, the unique expressions of the whole. Together we grow in the garden of eternal bliss”.-Hana Pepin