Have you ever been addicted to a person? Revolving your entire world around them. Creating your life by way of who they are and what they need? Have you ever been consumed by the infatuation phase of your relationship, wondering where they are when they aren’t with you? Calling and texting all day. Going to extremes to figure out ways to contact them, see them; become so enamored you will go to any extreme to get their attention? Where does this leave your sprit? How does this drain your heart?

“They were addictions. All of them. Vices I would never turn down. The rush was undeniable. I would smell them and sink into a long hazey numbness. When I finally found the willpower to break the habits, one by one I would quit and withdraw slowly; painfully; exquisitely.

I died many times, without regret. And I recovered to wake up knowing I would relapse on love again soon enough. The rush came with every 1st glance as often as it came with every last.

I never needed any thing after that first intense taste, I just needed the experience so I could write it down.”

“The Secrets We Keep and the Lies We Tell to Keep Them”

Ch 3 ‘Karma’

Anais Xoitchl