and pay very very close attention. 

i’m going to tell you what your friends won’t tell you; they won’t say it indirectly and they definitely won’t say it straight up; and maybe they too, are just simply naive and too inexperienced to realize the simplicity … So, i’m going to tell you what he’s to much of a pussy to say.

he’s not busy. and he’s definitely not confused. he doesn’t have a lot going on. and he is not fucking scared. he’s not getting his shit together and hoping you’ll wait. there’s no family crisis. his friends aren’t derailing him from his true feelings and he didn’t have a long week. his car isn’t giving him trouble and work isn’t THAT bad. He lied about having anxiety when he is away from home.

he’s not checking to see if he ‘can make your party’ *he doesn’t plan on going. 

All the reasons you are creating and believing for why he isn’t calling you roots down to the same seed:

he simply isn’t emotionally available and he is no longer interested.

let it go and stop wasting your energy. There is someone out there who thinks you are amazing and wants to spend their precious, valuable time with you.

You may replace ‘he’ with ‘she’; ‘his’ with ‘hers’ and then, act accordingly.