A healthy relationship with your vagina is one of THE most intimate relationships you will ever foster.

Respecting your yoni means being mindful about who comes into contact with her, who is privileged enough to get almost as close to her as you are.

When you supplicate high standards for the most personal side of yourself, you invite those who are worthy, respectful and obliged to those expectations.

Owning your feminine divinity does not mean to deny the idea of needing a partner. We need the gifts of male and female energy equally to preserve consistent and well rounded balance. Owning your feminine divinity means understanding your power and respecting your capabilities.

Let me repeat that:

Owning your feminine divinity means understanding your power and respecting your capabilities. 

This means you put your self first and become quite particular in who you give your cunt keys to. 

Not all men and/or women are going to meet a standard high enough to qualify for crossing that threshold.

Create boundaries that put your snatch in alignment with sovereignty so you understand clearly who is deserving and who falls short of meeting your standards.

Remove all judgment under the supposition that you need a partner to complete any single piece of who you are. Instead, embrace the truth of your whole entire being and recognize what your pussy is worth.

Embrace your venus guise. It holds power. It illuminates truth. It preaches to men who worship and women who envy. It dictates decisions and controls the most fractious of attitudes.

Master your solitude on a level that projects valuable and undeniable comfort while you find yourself creating your life and obtaining your goals. The highest ground you can root down into when you give life to your elevated paradigm is one that will always demand reverence of your sacred Goddess.